My Timeline

Dutch Certified Public Accountant, serial Software entrepreneur, Coach & Consultant

I refer to my past as being a Certified Public Accountant who is lost in software. With 18 years of entrepreneurship, I had a total of 3 different succesful software companies. Now it's time to share my knowledge and experiences with other entrepreneurs and businesses.

My drivers: Impact, Knowledge Sharing, and Teamwork.

My Core Values: Be Loved, Exceed Expectations, Smart Innovation en Team Up.


Busy with CEOs and Teams Coaching

I now coach a total of 8 companies, with different challenges that vary from 'Support to scale the company (via ScaleUp Company), to re-activate team to elevate them to deliver peak-performance (The Soulstice Team Operating System) and company-owners that think of selling the company, but the company is not in a 'sellable' condition, since the company is too much dependent of the owners (read the book: Built to Sell of John Warrillow).


KPI workshops & training

Since finalizing the ROKS KPI Black Belt certification, I regularly provide a 1 day workshop for SME companies to do a 'summarized' version of the ROKS KPI methodology ( and then together create a KPI longlist, shortlist and using the KPI Canvas to actually define a few KPIs. After this 1 day course, companies are able to implement more KPIs in a 'proper' way using this structured methodology.


Volk Coaching & Consulting

I thought I would be pretty good at 'doing nothing,' but that turned out to be a wrong assumption. I miss working with people, in teams, and achieving great results together with a team. I miss making an impact! and the energy it provides. With Volk Coaching & Consulting, my goal is to share my knowledge and experience so that others can be successful!


Sabbatical & Burn-out

A life that consists of family, hobbies, gardening, and no obligations was new to me. How long would I keep it up this lifestyle? It started as a big-fat burn-out after leaving Cevinio. This ride in the dark-side was a rough ride, but after the 'winter', finally spring and the summer showed up as well.,


CEO Scale Up Cevinio

Because InvoiceSharing already had large international clients, but the product was considered 'too small,' third-party software, including TBlox, was also used. Eventually, this led to the merger of InvoiceSharing and TBlox. The new name for the group became Cevinio (the same letters as Invoice, but in a different order). With Cevinio, I, along with the team, raised two rounds of Venture Capital. Cevinio grew from 45 to almost 100 people during Covid. This required a different leadership style (more managerial and within the lines), and that was the moment for me to pass the leadership to a strong new CEO.


CEO/CFO Startup InvoiceSharing

Sometimes, believing in things can have significant consequences. This was the case with the belief held by co-founder Vincent and me that electronic invoices should be the future AND that this could only be successful when it was 'independent and available to everyone.' We started with just a few people, went through Startupbootcamp Fintech in London, and grew into a comprehensive invoice processing platform. InvoiceSharing raised one round of Venture Capital.


COO Start Up TBlox

The entrepreneurial virus couldn't be contained anymore, and there's only one way to start a business: Quit your job. Together with 2 co-founders, I established TBlox, which began as a 'Tool Box' for project management. It eventually became a successful company specializing in Purchase-to-Pay software (from ordering to invoice processing). Our customers were primarily Dutch SMEs, including many hospitals and healthcare institutions, as well as some notable international names. My role as Chief Operating Officer involved the implementation of the software. TBlox always developed online software, even in 2005 when the internet was still considered a hobby.


Director Finance & Planning NasDaq Listed Crucell

Crucell was the last successful IPO at the end of the dot-com bubble. In October 2000, Crucell raised 140 million Euros through its IPO on Nasdaq. When I started at Crucell, there were 150 employees, and it was a small company listed on a major stock exchange. It has been a rewarding journey to shape the Finance Function there and operate as an internal CFO. The CFO's role was primarily focused on Investor Relations.


e-Bubble Corporate Finance consultant by Arthur Andersen

During the dot-com bubble, I was part of the team that raised Venture Capital for e-startups. E-startups at that time were often two entrepreneurs with a solution for something that wasn't a problem. It was a wonderful period that lasted for 18 months, during which I, as a consultant, became "infected" by the entrepreneurial virus.


Dutch Certified Public Accountant (RA) with Arthur Andersen

After 2 years of studying while working, I completed the Certified Public Accountant certification at Tilburg University. The clients I served as an accountant were primarily in the sectors of software and (high) tech (with US GAAP).


Start as Assistent Accountant with Arthur Andersen Accountants

After completing my Masters degree in Business Economics at the University of Brabant (Tilburg University), I started as an assistant accountant.