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Enhanced Credibility and Authority

Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry with content that resonates and positions you at the forefront of your field.

Expanded Network of High-Caliber Connections

Unlock the power of strategic networking by connecting with fellow executives, industry leaders, and potential partners across the globe.

Increased Opportunities for Advancement

Attract new business, speaking engagements, and board positions through a distinguished LinkedIn presence.

Transform Your LinkedIn Influence!

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Introducing the CxO Alchemist LinkedIn Course and CEO Mastery Program

🌟 Discover the transformative power of LinkedIn for CxOs with our CxO Alchemist LinkedIn Course. Learn strategies to amplify your influence and drive results.

🎥 Watch our explainer video to understand how this course can elevate your professional presence and networking skills.

🚀 Additionally, explore our CEO Mastery Program, designed to keep you informed and ahead. Stay updated with the latest in AI and leadership trends through our concise, impactful sessions.

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"Using Linkedin to Influence people for my (large) B2B deals has been a crucially important activity with all my larger Won deals" - Jeroen Volk

Guaranteed: Within 6 Months You Will Have 1,000,000 Views of Your Posts*

Visits of your posts per year
New Followers per year
1 x
Profile Views
> 0
Business Opportunities per year

"Alchemist: A person who transforms or Creates something through a seemingly magical process"

The Good News: It took a while to figure it out, but when you know what to do, It is not too difficult to learn this. Promised! (using the right set of tools)

Proven Impact: Witness the Reach

While our training is new, the methods are tried and true. Here's a glimpse of the potential reach and engagement you can achieve with our LinkedIn strategies — a staggering 2 million views

Navigate the LinkedIn algorithm with ease, ensuring your voice is heard above the noise, maximizing visibility and impact. 

Upon completing the course, you will have mastered navigating the LinkedIn algorithm, ensuring your insights stand out, thereby maximizing your profile’s visibility and impact.

Boost influence and reposting with strategic content.

Connect with global leaders strategically.

Attract business and leadership opportunities.

Master and leverage LinkedIn's algorithm.

Generate compelling content with GPT-4 AI.

Success Guaranteed, or an extension is on me!!

Jeroen Volk

Linkedin Alchemist

Jeroen Volk photo

Jeroen Volk, the LinkedIn Alchemist, merges entrepreneurial spirit with a deep mastery of algorithms, crafting automated strategies that elevate LinkedIn profiles to new heights of professional influence.


The Alchemy of LinkedIn Mastery

Inspired by the age-old tradition, a ‘LinkedIn Alchemist’ is akin to a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process. This modern-day digital alchemist applies their craft to your LinkedIn presence, transmuting a standard profile into a gold-standard benchmark of influence and success. Our program is spearheaded by a seasoned LinkedIn Alchemist, a maestro of profile optimization, content creation, and network growth, who will guide you in commanding attention, influence, and respect within your industry.

"Transforming Profiles into Magnets for Opportunity"

"You really Can Not afford Not to be visible and active on LinkedIn. If you don't, You Are Missing-out on great opportunities/B2B Business Deals and Missing-Out on Personal Branding value"


Your Journey to LinkedIn Leadership: A Week-by-Week Roadmap

Weekly Interactive Sessions

Engage in a 60-minute live call each week with your LinkedIn Alchemist. These sessions are crucial for addressing your questions, discussing homework, and ensuring you're on track with the course material.

Curated Video Content

Unlock weekly video lessons that provide clear, actionable LinkedIn strategies. Each session is around 30 minutes and can be watched at 1.5x speed to maximize your time. These videos are tailored to enhance your LinkedIn skills progressively.

Homework Assignments

Practical homework assignments follow each video lesson to solidify your understanding and application of the strategies on your LinkedIn profile.

In your course, there will be a Weekly live tutorials (1 hour), 1 hour of self paced video learning and 1 hour of Assignments.  Tutorial recordings will be available for those with diary challenges. Check Elitealchemist.com for the available start-dates.

Week 1: Introduction to LinkedIn Alchemy – Setting the Foundation
Week 2: Profile Optimization – Crafting a Magnetic Profile
Week 3: Content Creation with GPT-4 – Crash course GPT4 Prompting and leveraging AI for Compelling Posts
Week 4: Network Expansion – Strategic Connections for Growth
Week 5: Engagement Strategies – Becoming a Thought Leader
Week 6: Growth Hacking Tactics – Amplifying Reach with Minimal Effort
Week 7 and Beyond: Advanced Techniques, Personal Branding, and Influencer Collaboration

All Classes and LinkedIn Shadow support are facilitated online via Microsoft Teams. The 3 month program is 13 weeks and the 6 month program 26 weeks.

Support and Resources:
You will have access to a resource library filled with templates, checklists, and further reading. Your LinkedIn Shadow will provide hands-on support, and our GPT-4 integration will offer cutting-edge content creation capabilities.

Extra costs:
You are expected to obtain licenses for a number of LinkedIn (automation) tools, including a LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Total monthly fees approximately €200 per month.

Pricing Plans

Choose Your Path to LinkedIn Mastery

Embrace the alchemist's touch in your professional journey. Our tailored programs are designed to transmute your LinkedIn presence into pure influence and opportunity, elevating you to new professional heights.

Self-Starter Influence
250,000 views after 3 months
For the 3 month course
profile Boost
Weekly Class (1hr/wk)
Self-Paced modules
Community Access
Content Kit
Growth Hacking Tips
Templates Access
ChatGPT writing tutorials
Personal Branding Tips
Profile Optimization Tips
Essential Influence
250,000 views after 3 monts
For the 3 month course
Everything from Silver
Shadow Support (2 hr/wk)
Executive Impact
1,000,000 views after 6 months
For the 6 month course
Everything From Gold
Advanced Profile Strategy
Growth Hacking ++
Deep Analytics Review
Mastermind Sessions

Your Questions, Answered

01. What makes this LinkedIn training unique?

Our program stands out due to its personalized approach, including one-on-one sessions, a dedicated LinkedIn Shadow to assist with your strategy, and content creation. We combine proven techniques with innovative strategies to ensure your success.

02. Who is this training program for?

This program is tailored for CxOs and other executives who want to amplify their online presence, increase their influence, and unlock new professional opportunities through LinkedIn

03. How much time do I need to commit?

We recommend dedicating a few hours each week to see the best results. However, with the support of your LinkedIn Shadow, the time you need to invest is significantly reduced as they will handle the heavy lifting.

04. What results can I expect from the training?

You can expect to see a marked increase in your LinkedIn visibility, including guaranteed views, resulting in follower growth, enhanced engagement, and a stronger network of high-caliber connections.

05. Do I need to be tech-savvy to benefit from this program?

Not at all. Our program is designed to be accessible regardless of your technical background. We provide clear guidance and support throughout, making it easy for anyone to enhance their LinkedIn presence.

06. What is a LinkedIn Shadow?

A LinkedIn Shadow is your personal expert who works behind the scenes to implement your LinkedIn strategy. They help with content creation, engagement, and network building, saving you time and effort.

07. Can I customize my training program?

Our program is carefully structured to deliver the best results based on proven strategies and practices. While customization is limited, we ensure that the content is highly relevant and applicable to all executives aiming to enhance their LinkedIn presence.

08. What if I don't achieve the guaranteed results?

We are committed to your success. If you actively participate in the program and don't see the guaranteed results, we will work with you to identify the gap and extend additional support to meet your goals.

09. How is the program delivered?

The program combines live online sessions with a series of instructional videos available in your course dashboard. You'll also have practical homework assignments to apply what you've learned and solidify your LinkedIn strategy.

10. What support will I receive after the program ends?

Post-program, you'll have access to our alumni network, ongoing content updates, and the option for continued support to ensure you maintain the momentum you've built.

11. Do I need any additional tools or licenses for this program?

To achieve the guaranteed results, it is mandatory to utilize specific automation tools and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. These are essential for implementing the strategies we teach and are not included in the course fees. You will need to arrange and cover the costs for these tools independently.

* Performance Guarantee Disclaimer:

Our LinkedIn training programs are designed with your success in mind. We guarantee that participants who fully engage with our 6-month program will achieve at least 1,000,000 views of their posts by the end of the program. For participants in our 3-month program, we guarantee a minimum of 250,000 views upon completion.

These figures are based on the diligent application of our strategies and consistent content posting as directed in the course. The guaranteed view counts are calculated assuming an average of 20,000 views per week over the final two weeks for the 6-month program and 5,000 views per week for the 3-month program.

Please note that these guarantees are contingent upon participants completing all course modules, attending all sessions, and adhering to our recommended posting schedule and content guidelines. Our guarantees are based on historical data and the typical results of past participants who have shown a commitment to the program’s principles.

We assume that each participant has a minimum of 500 LinkedIn connections and does not have LinkedIn ‘limitations’ (for example, can only send invites with a mandatory email address (though we can help to get this resolved)).