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Soulstice Team Operating System

Transform team dynamics for enhanced collaboration, productivity, and innovation with our unique operating system approach

ROKS KPI Workshops by KPI Blackbelt

Drive performance and focus with tailored KPIs; learn to set and achieve impactful goals through our specialized workshops.

ScalingUp Coaching by ScaleUpCompany Pro

Master the ScalingUp methodology with me; learn proven strategies to accelerate your business growth and align your team effectively.

Services for Teams

Unleash Team Potential: Tailored Solutions for Cohesive, High-Performing Teams.

Experience the power of proven methodologies to enhance team dynamics and productivity. Our services are centered around strategic alignment, operational efficiency, and cultivating a growth-oriented culture. Propel your team towards accelerated growth and innovation.

"Through my journey, I've seen teams struggle with unclear goals and uninspiring KPIs. My mission is to transform this reality, providing clarity and inspiration through strategic goal-setting and effective KPIs, fostering a culture of peak performance and unified growth." - Jeroen Volk RA MSc.

The Team Alchemist Academy

Team Alchemist Academy: Unleash Collective Potential

Discover our academy's transformative programs, designed to align team goals, inspire with meaningful KPIs, and implement effective growth strategies. Elevate your team's performance and cohesion for sustainable success.

All Plans available in English and in Dutch. Alle programma's beschikbaar in het Engels en in het Nederlands. 

Pricing Plans

Choose Your Path to LinkedIn Mastery

Embrace the alchemist's touch in your professional journey. Our tailored programs are designed to transmute your LinkedIn presence into pure influence and opportunity, elevating you to new professional heights.

10 month program
Team Operating System
You learn to manage differently
Let's talk
4 months Preparation, 6 months coaching
4x Days Preparation
6 months 1 day Coaching
All Days by 2 specialists
Train your Leading Team
Goal Alignment
Core Values
Team Cohesion
Motivation Boost
Varied Perspectives
Clear Dialogue
Overcome Challenges
Strength Utilization
Skill Enhancement
Creative Solutions
Well-being Focus
Dedicated Effort
The methodology is Live
KPI Workshops
By Certified ROKS KPI Black Belt Pro
1 day workshop and 2 half days guidance
1 Day Kickoff
2x Half Day Follow Up
On Location You Pick
Certified KPI Black Belt
Strategy Mapping
KPI Trees
KPI Prioritization Matrix
KPI Definition Canvas
KPI's That Inspire
Target Definition Canvas
Incentive Design Canvas
Dashboard Design
Actionable Inisights
Team Engagement
Index KPI's
Continouous Growth
Scaling Up Live and delivering Value
Scaling Up Methodology
Exclusively via ScaleUp Company
Standardized Heart Beat program for success
Via ScaleUp Company
Certified Pro
Standardized method
Proven Techniques
Core Values
Strategy (Re)Defined
Core Purpose
Core Competences
Core Customer
Sandbox Definition
Meeting Rhythms
Strong Year-Plan
Quarterly Goals
KPI's That Inspire
ScaleUp Network