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1. Stay Informed and Ahead

As a CEO, your time is precious. Start every Monday with a concise update on the latest  trends and developments. This program is designed to keep busy executives like you informed and ahead of the curve, ensuring you're always on top of the latest advancements.

2. Hands-On Learning Experience

Once or Twice a month, engage in 45-minute educational sessions tailored for CEOs. These sessions focus on practical applications of the latest tools and technologies, including ChatGPT. Learn how to integrate these innovations into your business strategy and operations effectively.

3. Master AI Leadership

The CEO Mastery Program is your gateway to mastering AI as a CEO. Stay up to date and lead your team with confidence. Leverage AI to enhance your business's performance and transform your leadership with the power of AI. Join now and take the first step towards a more informed, innovative future.

The CxO Wisdom and Mastery Program

Stay Informed, Lead with Confidence

Keep your leadership skills sharp and relevant. Our program not only keeps you updated on the latest business trends but also provides practical, hands-on training sessions to apply these insights effectively.

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All Plans available in English and in Dutch. Alle programma's beschikbaar in het Engels en in het Nederlands. 

Pricing Plans

Choose Your Path to LinkedIn Mastery

Embrace the alchemist's touch in your professional journey. Our tailored programs are designed to transmute your LinkedIn presence into pure influence and opportunity, elevating you to new professional heights.

Free Pack
Insight Starter
Insightful updates
For ever, no creditcard
CxO Wisdom Weekly
Question to ask in MT
Weekly trend update
Update on AI trends
Inspiring Quote
ChatGPT tip
Leadership inspiration
Legal change
No weekly Monday Tips
No online training
Growth Hack Tips
Premium Pack
Executive Edge
Including Interactive Learning
Monthly, incl 45 minutes online training
Everything From Free
Weekly Monday Update
Monday Morning Mail
Monthly 45min Education
Digital Transformation
Team Performance
Submit your questions
Growth Hack Tips
A Year Long Learning
CxO Wisdom & Mastery
How can AI support you?
Monthly, incl 45 extra minutes online
Everything From Premium
Monthly AI update
Extra 45min Education
ChatGPT as your assisant
Mid-Journey for you
Job Scorecards by AI
Website text by AI
Sales emails by AI
Template Prompts